Keithley Hall Effect Test Suite

The Keithley Hall Effect Test Suite greatly simplifies materials testing with the Keithley 3765 plug-in card. Using the Hall Effect Test Suite, you can easily set up instruments, source settings, and measure settings for multiple test types including hall effect and van der Pauw resistivity tests. You can easily view test results and progress in real time, save and load test settings, see the results in tabular form, and save the resulting data to a computer in .csv format.

  • バージョン: V2.0
  • ソフトウェアの種類: Application
  • リリース・ノート: KHETS_ReleaseNotes.pdf
  • リリースの日付:
  • 部品番号: KHETS-2.0


該当製品: 3765, 3706A



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