SA-BFS Monitoring

With Tektronix Video Quality Monitors

Sentry is designed to identify and monitor data carousels within the transport, which enables it to keep detailed information about the real-time and historical status of the Scientific-Atlanta Broadcast Files System (BFS). Similar to the way other application carousels (tru2way, DSM-CC, etc) are monitored, Sentry is able to provide critical information about the status of BFS carousels. Multichannel service providers can set alerts to be notified of bitrate errors, file changes, file cycle times and if files are missing.

BFS Overview

The BFS provides a network file system for delivering broadcast data from server to client. Data placed in the BFS is repeatedly transmitted over the network, providing virtual storage for digital settop boxes. This allows any digital settop box to quickly access the data at any time without having to request the data from the server.