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MRC Gigacomp GmbH & Co KG

MRC Gigacomp GmbH & Co KG MRC GIGACOMP is the representative and distributor of leading suppliers of RF and microwave components, subsystems, software and test equipment. The company was founded in 2014 as a joint venture of MRC Components and GIGACOMP. Both companies are well established RF and microwave distributors in Germany and neighbouring countries. By joining forces MRC and GIGACOMP have created one of the strongest RF sales teams in Germany and with RF sales engineers in the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Spain and Poland MRC GIGACOMP covers Europe south of the Baltic and North Seas.

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Specialist in RF Products


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Germany Freising, 電話番号:+49 8161 98480 Fax:+49 8161 984820


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