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Business Communications LLC

Business Communications LLC

Product Specialization

TDS 2000/3000 Series Oscilloscopes; TPS 2000 Series Oscilloscopes; DPO/MSO 2000/3000/4000/5000/7000/70000 and DSA8200 Series Oscilloscopes; AFG 3000, AWG 5000/7000, DTG 5000 Series Signal Sources and ArbExpress, SerialXpress and RFXpress Software; DMM 4000 Series Digital Multimeters; PWS 2000/4000 Series DC Power Supplies; FCA 3000/3100 and MCA 3000 Series Frequency Counters and Timers; TLA 5000/6000/7000 Series Logic Analyzer and PG3 Series Pattern Generators; RSA 3000/5000/6000 Real Time Spectrum Analyzers and VSA/SignalVU software; BERTScopes BSA/CR/DPP and BitAnalyzer BA Series Bit Error Testers; Probes and Accessories, SourceMeter SMU Instruments; Scientific Sensitive Instruments; Switching Products; Semiconductor Characterization Systems, USB Spectrum Analyzers.


Countries Served

United Arab Emirates


City/State or Province お問い合わせ
United Arab Emirates Dubai, 電話番号:+971 (4) 222 01 86 Fax:+971 (4) 223 61 93


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