TekExpress Automotive Ethernet (100BASE-T1) Automated Compliance Solution -MSO 5 Series - V1.1.0

The Tektronix TekExpress Automotive Ethernet solution provides automated compliance test support for IEEE 100BASE-T1 standard and is aligned with corresponding IEEE 100BASE-T1 Physical Media Attachment Test Suite.

The compliance software solution allows for complete or selective testing of any of the transmitter electrical specifications, including complete oscilloscope control of the required setups. Software setup flexibility allows for design validation, margin analysis, and repeatable compliance testing while reducing instrument setup difficulties.Additionally, the software can generate a comprehensive date-stamped test report with pass/fail results, including oscilloscope display waveforms, data plots in mht & pdf formats.

TekExpress Automotive Ethernet (100BASE-T1) is an Automated Compliance Solution need license key/floating license to enable the application.

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該当製品: MSO54, MSO56, MSO58



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