MPEG-2トランスポート・ストリーム(TS)内の追加エレメンタリ・ストリーム(ES)タイプとして、H.264を組み込むMPEG-2規格の拡張により、H.264が放送局やネットワーク・オペレータに魅力的なものとなってきています。 この移行は、H.264ベースの製品開発を行う機器メーカに課題をもたらします。なぜなら、H.264はMPEG-2の2倍の圧縮率をもたらしますが、処理の複雑さも倍加するからです。 テクトロニクスは、設計、展開、管理の3つのメイン・フェーズを包含するエンドツーエンドのH.264ソリューションをサポートすることができます。

MPEG-2トランスポート・ストリーム技術は、次世代の圧縮技術H.264またはMPEG-4エンコーダを含む各種アプリケーションに成長してゆきます。 設計検証およびデバッグ/解析には、MPEG-2 TSテストおよびエレメンタリ・ストリーム・データの評価が含まれます。


Critical RF Measurements in Cable, Satellite and Terrestrial DTV Systems

The secret to maintaining reliable and high-quality services over different digital television transmission systems is to focus on critical factors that may compromise the integrity of the system. This application note describes those critical RF test measurements which help to detect such problems before viewers lose their service and picture completely.

A Layman's Guide to PCR Measurements

Program Clock References (PCRs) provide the means for a digital TV receiver to lock its decoded video output to the video source present at the input to an encoder. The subject of PCR measurement is often misunderstood. This technical brief describes impairments that affect the PCR and appropriate..


MPEG is one of the most popular audio/video compression techniques because it is not just a single standard. Instead, it is a range of standards suitable for different applications but based on similar principles. MPEG is an acronym for the Moving Picture Experts Group.

Troubleshooting Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) issues in Video Service Provider Networks

Learn the benefits and faults of the two most common test methods for troubleshooting video signal problems and the critical capabilities needed in an MPEG analyzer.

Vclips Frequently Asked QuestionsVclips comprise several sets of uncompressed ("raw") and compressed video, designed to be used by video compression developers/testers.
Using Triggered Video Capture to Improve Picture Quality

Today's video transmission methods depend on compressed digital video to deliver the high-volume of video data required. This creates a need for an easy, reliable, consistent test method to guarantee Video Quality of Service to the end user.


Download our Free Digital Video Broadcasting poster containing information on ISO/IEC 13818-1 and ETSI EN 300 468 International Standards.

Testing the MPEG2 Transport Stream

The protocols involved in iTV are very complex. A full understanding of them is necessary, not only to ensure that iTV can be delivered in a flexible way, but in a way that provides the responsiveness that a consumer expects and ultimately pays for.

Testing Video Transports Streams Using Templates

The addition of template testing makes Tektronix test systems, such as the MTM400, a very powerful and cost-effective way of applying scheduled service and related tests to specific target probe points. Transmission-chain errors can be detected and pinpointed promptly by strategically....



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