KickStart Instrument Control Software Quick Start Guide マニュアル

This guide contains basic instructions for the KickStart 2.1 software.

KickStart simplifies what you need to know about the instrument so that in just minutes you can take the instrument out of the box and get real data on your device. By plotting data immediately and offering quick statistical summaries of the data in the reading table, KickStart allows you to gather insights faster and make the decisions you need to move on to the next stage of device development.

This manual applies to:

KICKSTARTFL-BASE, DMM6500, DAQ6510, DMM7510, 2460, 2461, 2400, 2410-C, 2420, 2420-C, 2425, 2425-C, 2440, 2440-C, 6430, 2601A, 2601B, 2614B, 2635, 2635A, 2635B, 2636, 2636A, 2636B, 2280S-60-3, 2280S-60-3, 2281S-20-6, 2700, 2750
  • Manual Type: 主要ユーザ
  • Part Number: KKS-903-02C
  • Release Date:

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