FCA3000, FCA3100, MCA3000, DMM4000, PWS2000, and PWS4000 Series マニュアル

RMU2U Rackmount Kit Installation Manual

This document contains instructions for mounting a supported bench instrument onto the RMU2U rackmount tray, for installation in a standard 19-inch equipment rack. Supported instruments include PWS2000 and PWS4000 Series Power Supplies, FCA3000 and MCA3000 Series Frequency Counter/Analyzers, and DMM4000 Series

This manual applies to:

DMM4050, DMM4040, DMM4020, PWS2185, PWS2323, PWS2326, PWS2721, PWS4205, PWS4305, PWS4323, PWS4602, PWS4721, MCA3027, MCA3040, FCA3000, FCA3003, FCA3020, FCA3100, FCA3103, FCA3120
  • Manual Type: Field Install Instructions
  • Part Number: 075101800
  • Release Date:

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