Active Probe


Features & Benefits

  • 6 GHz Bandwidth
  • Switchable Attenuation Provides up to 6 Vp-p Dynamic Range
  • Low Input Capacitance <0.5 pF
  • Provides 6 GHz System Bandwidth at Probe Tip with TDS6604 TekConnect™ Oscilloscope
  • Connect and Adapt to Various Circuit Designs with Small Probe Head and Numerous Connection Accessories
  • TekConnect Interface


  • High-speed Digital Systems Design
  • Component Design/Characterization
  • Manufacturing Engineering and Test
P7260 Single-ended Active Probe

The P7260 is the fastest active probe in the world. It provides high bandwidth, low circuit loading, low noise, and accurate probing solutions for high-speed circuit designers. This probe has a small probe head for accessing connection points in tight physical constraints and with today's fine pitch circuitry.

The P7260 is the world's first probe to be developed with silicon germanium (SiGe).It features a toggle/switch that offers the choice of using the probe at either 1.5 Vp-p or 6 Vp-p dynamic range.

TekConnect interface takes probe intelligence to the next level, providing probe power, automated signaling of scale factor and offset voltage. It also adds automatic bandwidth adjustment and voltage measurement. The TekConnect interface extends useful bandwidth and signal fidelity out to 18 GHz. A full complement of versatile probe tip accessories helps connect to the wide range of devices faced by digital designers.


Designed for use with the TDS6604 oscilloscope - the system bandwidth is typically 6 GHz.


Specification 5x

Specification 25x


TekConnect Active, Single-ended


(probe only, typical)

6 GHz

6 GHz

Rise Time (guaranteed)

<75 ps

<85 ps

Input Capacitance (pF)

<0.5 pF

<0.5 pF




Dynamic Range

±0.75 V (1.5 Vp-p)

±3.0 V (6.0 Vp-p)

DC Offset Range

±5 V

±5 V

Input Resistance

20 kΩ at DC

20 kΩ at DC

Maximum Nondestruct Voltage

30 V (DC plus peak AC)

Compatible Oscilloscopes*1

TDS6604, TDS7404, all TekConnect oscilloscopes

*1 Requires firmware version 2.1 or higher for TDS/CSA7000 Series.

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