100BASE-T1/BroadR-Reach® Datasheet

Automotive Ethernet Test Solution







The integration of automotive Ethernet technology has placed greater demands on comprehensive design validation to ensure interoperability between multiple ECUs and devices that will perform reliability in demanding environments. A complete testing solution is a necessity in meeting strict compliance tests and having greater confidence in design margins operating under real world conditions.

The Tektronix solution provides the instruments and tools that can fully address early validation and debug requirements along with fully automated compliance test software for 100BASE-T1 and BroadR-Reach standards.

Validation and debug

Validation and debugging can easily be accomplished early in the design process and ahead of final compliance testing by using the 5 Series MSO oscilloscope. The oscilloscope’s standard measurement set, along with the optional 5-DJA Advanced Jitter and Timing Analysis software, supports several of the key compliance tests including:

  • Clock frequency and transmitter amplitude with histogram and trend analysis
  • Positive and negative droop measurements
  • Full characterization of jitter performance including TIE and histogram profiles
  • Eye diagram analysis of PAM3 signals


This type of early testing increases the likelihood of passing compliance tests, while allowing more complete characterization and determination of design margins. Master and slave jitter measurements can be particularly challenging given the tight compliance limits and the need to eliminate any possible sources of random or deterministic jitter.

This product does not have any specifications.

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Required hardware

5 Series MSO oscilloscope (1 GHz option 5-BW-1000 or 2 GHz option 5-BW-2000)

Option 5-WIN or SUP5-WIN (removable SSD with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system)

Required software

Option 5-CMAUTOEN or SUP5-CMAUTOEN (TekExpress Automotive Ethernet compliance)

Option 5-DJA or SUP5-DJA (adds Advanced Jitter and Eye Analysis measurements)

Recommended options

Option 5-RL-125M or SUP5-RL-125M (adds 125 M record length)

Option 5-SRAUTO or SUP5-SRAUTO (adds CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay serial bus trigger and decode)

Option 5-SREMBD or SUP5-SREMBD (addsI2C, SPI serial bus trigger and decode)

Recommended (two required): TDP1500 or TDP3500 differential probes

Supported: P6247 or P6248 (requires use of TPA-BNC adapter)

Signal sources

Recommended: Tektronix AFG3252C signal source (recommended)

Supported: Tektronix AWG5000C or AWG7000C signal source (supported)

Recommended test fixtures

TF-GBE-BTP Ethernet adapter

TF-BRR-CFD clock frequency divider

Recommended extras

External PC monitor

USB keyboard

USB mouse

Two pairs of 50 Ω high-quality SMA or coaxial cables (four cables total) for use with AFG or AWG signal sources; all cables must be the same length

Two 50 Ω high-quality coaxial cables for use with clock divider outputs; both cables must be the same length

One 50 Ω high-quality SMA cable for the clock divider input

One 50 Ω high-quality coaxial cable for the AFG or AWG signal source, for marker output


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