ANRITSU Calibration Services

Tektronix can manage 100% of your calibration needs.

Tektronix is the nation's leading provider of multi-brand calibration services. With a national network of resources, a robust quality program and broad capabilities, we offer standard and custom solutions to deliver fast, accurate calibration when and how it's needed.

  • Flexible delivery options, including pick-up and delivery, local drop-off, service centers and onsite service.
  • A variety of calibration levels matched to meet your specifications.
  • Complementary access to CalWeb®, a comprehensive online asset management application from Tektronix. Track assets, store certificates and invoices, and get an organization-wide view of your calibration program.
  • Expert technicians with experience in aerospace, automotive and medical industries ensure each calibration meets your specific quality requirements.


Tektronix multi-brand commercial calibration services can calibrate more than 140,000 instruments from 9,000 manufacturers, including the following models from ANRITSU:

01-201 22N50 28N50-2
34NFNF50 34NN50A 360
3650 3652 3652-1
37347A 37347C 37397C
3750LF 42N50A-30 560-7K50
560-7N50B 560-7S50B 560A
562 6747A-20 68037C
68047C 68147B 68347B
68347C 68369A/NA 68369A/NV
68369B 68369NV 68377C
69037B 69047B 69137A
69137B 69167B 69337A
69337B 69347A 69347B
69367B AM-8000K CMA5/P-100C
CWM220B-NF HA-100E HA-300E
HD-1300E HFT-52 ICN50
ICN50B MA24106A MA24108A
MA24118A MA2411B MA2422A
MA2422D MA2425A MA2442A
MA2442D MA2444D MA2445A
MA2445D MA2469B MA2472A
MA2472B MA2472D MA2473A
MA2473D MA2474A MA2475A
MA2475D MA2491A MA4701A
MA9611A MA96A MA9711A
ME3620A ME520B ME538A
MF2412B MG3632A MG3633A
MG3681A MG3691A MG3691B
MG3692A MG3692B MG3692C
MG3693C MG3694B MG3694C
MG3695C MG3697C MG9801A
ML2408A ML2437A ML2438A
ML2487A ML2487B ML2488A
ML2496A ML4803A ML9001A
ML9002A ML910B ML93A
MP0121A MP0122A MP1550A
MP1570A MP1570A1 MP1590B
MP1656A MP1763B MP1763C
MP1764A MP1764C MP1800A
MP1821A MS2024A MS2026A
MS2026C MS2034A MS2035B
MS2036A MS2036C MS2037C
MS2038C MS2601B MS2602A
MS2661C MS2665C MS2667C
MS2668C MS2687B MS2702A
MS2711A MS2711B MS2711D
MS2711E MS2719B MS2720T
MS2721A MS2721B MS2724B
MS2724C MS2726C MS2830A (13.5GHZ)
MS2830A (26.5GHZ) MS2830A (3GHZ) MS2830A (43GHZ)
MS2830A (6GHZ) MS4622B MS4623A
MS4623B MS9020D MS96A
MS9710B MS9710C MT8212A
MT8212B MT8220A MT8220T
MT8222A MT8801C MT8820C
MT8852A MT8852B MT9083A
MT9083A-051 MT9083A1 MU150000A
MU150001A MU150002A MU150121A
MU181800B MU931421A MU931422A
MW9070A MW9076B MW9076B1
N-214E-00-1-TC1-ANP N-214K-00-1-TC1-ANP N-231E-00-1-TC1-ANP
N-231E-01-0-TC1-ANP N-231K-00-1-TC1-ANP N-231K-01-0-TC1-ANP
N-233E-01-1-TC1-ANP N-233K-01-1-TC1-ANP N-234K-00-1-TC1-ANP
OSLNF50-1 PSN50 S113B
S113C S114B S114C
S251A S312D S330
S330A S331 S331A
S331B S331C S331D
S331E S331L S332B
S332C S332D S332E
S362E S810D S818A
S820D S820E SM/PL


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