PRISM Firmware Release - V1.7.1

The new features introduced with firmware version 1.7.1 enable users to:* Timing measurement enhancements: SDI timing vs. Analog external reference Analog external reference timing vs. PTP SDI timing vs. PTP Analog external reference termination or loop-through options* Video/Reference lock indication in the Status Bar, including timing drift indication* The Picture display application now has selectable format status information, which users can manually position within the application tile* Lightning display application* Magnification/gain and position control through on-screen tools for the Waveform, Vector, Lightning, and Stop Displays* Vertical and horizontal cursor read outs in the waveform display* 16 channel audio support carried in a single ST2110-30 stream* Audio balance control* Additions to RESTful API * Various performance enhancements and bug fixes

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This software applies to: MPI, MPI2-10, MPX, MPX2-10



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